Alm Butler service at Turracher Höhe

The renowned slope butler now also acts as alpine butler in summer, making our guests’ holidays even more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

An innovative and exclusive concept granting extra service quality.

Almbutler MascherlTurracher Höhe has long been known for offering visitors prime recreation and adventure programs. The Alm butler feature is going to emphasize the resort’s unique service quality strengths even more.

As undoubtedly the Alm butler does a terrific job taking care of his guests: be it by providing visitors with insider tips or treating them to individual assistance, the Alm butler offers that added bit of relaxation and (natural) adventure ensuring memorable times.

During guided “butler” hikes, he pays particular attention to the guests’ needs. At “butler” stations he helps with support and advice, provides drinking water and information on how to experience the beauty of nature in particularly cozy, hidden spots.

The Alm Butler program

Those who choose to stay with us at Meizeit, receive an exclusive VIP service. Our guests get that special additional value including complimentary Nocky-Flitzer rides in the morning, free use of the Turracher Höhe cable cars and a variety of other benefits in our facilities.

In short, the Alm Butler is the “heart and soul“ of Turracher Höhe pampering visitors with a series of benefits you won’t find in any other holiday region.

All details at www.almbutler.at